Sustainability & Intelligent Buildings

We consult our clients on sustainable, forward-thinking building concepts.

  • Flexible Design Guidance
  • Central Plant and MEP Efficiency Strategies
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • WELL Building Standard & Fitwell Experience
  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Intelligent Building Design Guidance
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Concepts
  • WiredScore Experience

More Details

All responsible businesses must be thinking about energy usage, environmental impacts, business continuity and employee health. With that comes various design concepts and the implementation of new(er) technologies that preserve long-term objectives, like operational cost savings, improved employee recruitment, retention, and performance, faster future modifications, and better public relations.

The market has changed dramatically since the inception of the LEED rating system over 20-years ago. Having been focused on environmental impacts through its evolution, other certification programs have evolved to focus more on people. The development of the WELL Building Standard and Fitwell are evidence of this and Intersect has experience in each of these programs. From managing the installation of San Diego’s first green roof in early 2004, to having overseen the WELL platinum certification of a major corporate headquarters building in 2020, Intersect is positioned well to assist clients with their unique needs and goals.

Intersect also approaches design in an open and considerate manner, acknowledging what might be good for the client today, might not be in the future. Flexible MEP systems and thoughtful design strategies can minimize future downtime, save money, and produce untold efficiencies that are critical in a laboratory, mission critical, school, and high performing office environments.

Technology is the other piece of the puzzle. Technology has evolved and continues to evolve in such a way that facility management is far more efficient than ever. Combine that with IoT applications and concepts that allow the user experience to develop into something that is dynamic and exciting, and a truly “intelligent” building is conceived. The vision of pulling all of these attributes into a single user interface and ensuring that new technologies can be added in the future, is where the industry is today, and Intersect is at the forefront of this, having guided the implementation of this, as well as other hot technologies.

Intersect is aligned with client objectives and with our experience in this area, we are a forward-thinking consultant that can help make sure the right decisions are made and approved strategies are implemented correctly.

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