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As buildings evolve through renovation, so too will buildings be required to meet ADA requirements.
A broom finish makes a textured surface with small grooves and creates a non-slip surface, and when executed well adds a nice pattern to your concrete.
We take pride in proper management/installation. How we leave a project is a reflection of our project management and ability to QC work in the field. 
It’s up to us to be accountable and ensure cable installations are neat, organized, and properly documented.
Did you know that Intersect has a blog written by the best writers out there?

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Working alongside our contractors to ensure best results! High quality outcomes are not optional.
Intersect was in the house for the first 2024 @corenetsocal SoCal social. Great turnout, great attendance, and great way to kick-off Creative Collaboration
More Solar! This project consists of 655 panels that will be able to generate 2.624MW worth of electricity. This array will help send power back to the grid and result in an 11.3% decrease in the tenant’s power bill. Solar is looking more and more common on commercial projects like this one!
Intersect knows data centers! We have a highly versatile team that is strong in the mission critical world. Our clients and industry partners can attest to it.