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More Details - Building Developments

Project Cost: Various

Highlights: Entitlements, University Community Planning Group Coordination, New Ground-up Developments, & Parking Structures.


  • Illumina Building 6
  • Illumina P2A Parking Structure

5200 Illumina Way, San Diego, CA 92122

This was a design-build structure that served as Phase 1 of 2. The initial design and construction served 1,278 stalls, was 6-levels, and carried a very high-end stone and glass façade intended to provide an appearance that was consistent with the rest of the campus buildings. The east façade was left open, awaiting Phase 2 (doubles the car capacity) and temporarily screened for the future add. Phase 2 was dependent upon future densification of the campus attributable to the latest approved entitlement.

All concrete was self-performed by DPR Construction. A tunnel was constructed for direct access from Regents Rd. The structure, itself, maintained a 30,000 SF sliver for future occupiable space, intended to serve as a welcome and conference center. Between the Welcome Center and Building 1, lies a large courtyard area, where a soccer field was constructed with manicured hard and landscape.

  • Campus Point Common Amenities Project

10300 Campus Point Dr., San Diego, CA 92121

Highlights: Campus-Wide Site Redevelopment, including road widening/redirect, new soccer/lacrosse field, underground stormwater management system, traffic control, main entry art wall & ipe trellis.

More Details - Entitlements

Illumina (5200 Illumina Way, San Diego, CA 92122) – Site Development/Planned Development Permit & Community Plan Amendment: Added 425,000 SF of additional campus density to the site.

Campus Point (10300 Campus Point Dr., San Diego, CA 92121) – Site Development and Community Plan Amendment: Added 318,000 SF of additional campus density to the site. Required substantial engagement with the University Community Planning Group, meeting regularly with their subcommittee. This project received City Planning Commission and City Council approvals.

HCP Inc.

(now Healthpeak Properties, Inc.)

More Details - Building Development

Building Development Projects


  • Torrey Pines Science Park – Amenities Upgrades

11011 N. Torrey Pines Rd. San Diego, CA 92037

Project Cost: $2.3M

Highlights: 4-building campus with lobby remodels X4, restroom upgrades, ADA upgrades, new conference center, and completely remodeled campus cafe.

  • Torrey Pines Science Center – Lots 14 & 16 Designs

Science Center Dr., San Diego, CA 92121;

Highlights: 89,000 SF across 2-buildings, core/shell/site designs for high efficiency lab/office buildings, including below-grade parking.