When it comes to construction projects, having a third-party Owners Representative can

help ensure that the project runs smoothly and according to plan. However, there are two

different types of third-party managers that can be hired, a construction manager (CM) and

a project manager (PM). While both roles are important, they have different responsibilities

and focus areas, with some similarities and overlap.

A CM is responsible for overseeing the construction phase from start to finish. They work

closely with the owner/client to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

This includes managing the contractor, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring that all work is

done according to the plans, budget, and specifications.

On the other hand, a PM is responsible for CM responsibilities PLUS managing the design phase

of the project, as well as external consultants, and utility providers. They work with the

owner/client to establish project goals and oversee the design process. This includes

coordinating with architects, engineers, and other design professionals to ensure that the

project meets the owner/client’s requirements. Like the CM, a PM also focuses on the physical

construction phase of the project.

It is important to understand the differences between both CM and PM and their perspective

responsibilities as they are a vital role in ensuring the success of projects.

Intersect Management takes pride in their ability to manage the complex process involved in

project delivery through all phases of design and recognizes the value of seamlessly integrating

project management roles to maximize overall project success. By providing leadership, effective

communication, and strategic planning, Intersect Management helps clients achieve their goals

and remain competitive in today’s fast-paced climate.

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