ACELYRIN, INC., a pharmaceutical company focused on developing therapies for autoimmune diseases, recently moved into their new headquarters in Agoura Hills, California with the help of Intersect Management. The building boasts a 2-story 10,000 square feet office space to anchor their operation as they support their research and development and clinical trials nationwide.

Founded in 2016, ACELYRIN, INC. is committed to making a clinically meaningful difference for patients relative to their standard of care. They are led by a team of veteran biopharma executives which sets them up for success to deliver innovative treatments and grow a diverse and strong company. Their pipeline includes five clinical-stage programs to date with an incredibly bright future. 

The new office headquarters in Agoura Hills is a significant milestone for Acelyrin, providing the company with the space and resources needed to support its innovative science and therapies in immunology.

Intersect Management’s role was highly customized to meet Acelyrin’s move-in expectations around finishes and acoustics, furniture, artwork, and audio-visual systems. With new data and audio-visual capabilities, Acelyrin is better positioned to collaborate with partners and accelerate the development of new treatments. The addition of furniture in the huddle rooms, conference rooms, and private offices provides ample functional space for meetings and private work, while the open office area encourages collaboration and teamwork. The kitchen and outdoor furnishings offer employees a comfortable and inviting space to relax and recharge during the workday.

Intersect Management is a consulting commercial real estate and full-service project management firm that can support any company’s real estate needs. From major ground-up construction projects to small renovation projects, Intersect Management has experience providing custom solutions that fit the unique needs of each client. With a dedicated team of professionals and a commitment to quality and client satisfaction, Intersect Management is ready to help companies like Acelyrin with their real estate or project management needs no matter how small.

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