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Intersect is a real estate consulting firm with a focus on project management solutions. We consist of design and construction professionals with keen expertise in architecture, interior design, engineering, and real estate management. We take great pride in repeat business, and we have successfully completed multiple projects with most of our clients.

With experience in a number of industries it’s our approach, style, and particular attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.

Meet The Team

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    I was born in: San Jose, CA
    Drink of choice: Did someone say latte?
    Sport you like to watch: Anything my kids play.
    Favorite movie: Shaun of the Dead, Keanu, Marvel everything
    Fun fact: I’m a Queen fan before all else.
    I geek out over: Organization!
    I am inspired by: Open Mindsets

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My primary role at Intersect is to make sure business runs smoothly on the day to day.

There’s really nothing better than a good collab paired with excellent communication. By overseeing Payroll, Marketing, HR and Development, I get to really stay engaged with Intersects moving parts. Being hungry for knowledge, keeps me constantly focused on a growing business.

My favorite part of the job is treating our employees and clients with value, respect, and appreciation they deserve.

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    Favorite food: Steak and potatoes
    Favorite drink: Rye whiskey
    Favorite team: Dallas Cowboys/LA Lakers/USC Trojans
    Specialty subject: Alternative music

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With nearly 25+ years of pure project management experience, my favorite part of the management process is to identify risks early on in a project and properly mitigate those risks before they impact the project. I love to communicate through e-mail, for the purpose of written direction and record, but prefer quick and effective phone calls for expediency and personal contact. While I don’t consider myself to “specialize” in any one area of project management, I would say that I am probably most effective and comfortable managing work in highly technical, complex environments.

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    I was born in: Minnesota
    Favorite Food: Mexican
    Drink of choice: Bourbon or Martini
    Sport you like to watch: Football, College Basketball, Golf
    Favorite Musician: Too many to list, currently listening to Guns N Roses
    Fun fact (something random): I was a roadie in a band and traveled the US.
    Favorite Sunday afternoon activity: Golf
    Best part of my job: Working through complex issues with the project team.
    Favorite place to unwind: Mountains

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With life science and commercial architecture design experience I bring a unique skill set to project management. I thrive in highly technical projects and enjoy working through risk mitigation.

A former collegiate golfer with a Master of Architecture I bring a unique skill set to drive performance and push projects through completion.

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    I was born in: Stockton, CA
    Favorite Food: Anything extremely spicy
    Drink of choice: Sour Beer
    Sport you like to watch: Hockey
    Favorite Musician: Seger
    Movie genre choice: Thriller
    Favorite Sunday afternoon activity: Picnics in the park
    The best part about my job is: Working on diverse projects
    I am inspired by: Astronomy

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I have worked in Life Sciences for over 10 years in purchasing, logistics, operations, facilities and project management. Recently I worked at an alternative meat startup, and a gene therapy company managing projects, facilities, EH&S and operations including new lab buildouts and renovations. My work style is collaborative and direct, I am motivated to meet the requirements of all stakeholders on a project.

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    Where I am from: San Francisco, CA.

    I live in: San Diego, CA.

    Favorite Food: Pho.

    Drink of choice: Iced coffee or margaritas.

    Sport you like to watch: All sports! From the Olympics to ESPN the Ocho.

    Favorite Musician: Drake.

    Movie genre choice: Comedy or Superhero movies.

    Fun fact (something random): I am working on a dual citizenship to Italy.

    Favorite Sunday afternoon activity: Brunch or watching football.

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From my experience as a contractor, I have a wealth of lessons learned and knowledge on various life science projects including lab buildouts and cGMP facilities. I love collaborating with the entire team to work through obstacles and produce a product that meets all stakeholder needs. I am very passionate about the work I do, always aiming for perfection, and I strive to learn something new every day and with each project to broaden my expertise and ability to support all project types and client needs.

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    I was born in: Seattle, WA
    Favorite Food: Soup Dumplings
    Drink of choice: Mac & Jacks African Amber
    Sport you like to watch: Football
    Favorite Musician: Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Movie genre choice: Anything by Tarantino
    Fun Fact (something random): Fishing is my favorite pass time
    The best part about my job is: Creating and maintaining relationships
    I am inspired by: Traveling and seeing how others live

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With construction experience, I bring with me the lessons learned as a contractor to a broader range of project management needs. I pride myself on being a problem solver who finds unique solutions for unique problems. I continuously push to expand my expertise to support a broader range of project types and client needs

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    Where I am from: San Bruno, CA
    Favorite Food: Burritos
    Movie genre: Comedy / Sci-Fi
    Fun fact: I received my Oregon boating license before my CA driver’s license.
    Sport you like to watch: Golf
    Favorite Sunday afternoon activity: Golfing with my friends.
    I collect: Film cameras

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With background in urban planning, my favorite aspect of this field is seeing how people interact with the use of my buildings and amenities. It allows creativity and uniqueness for each property, which is thrilling for me to see. I love that I can help in the developing process, where I can create a functional and inviting space!

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    Drink choice: Coffee, Topo Chico w/ lime
    Sports you watch: Soccer and Baseball
    Fun fact: I’m a geek for everything Marvel.
    I collect: Nutcrackers! I only bring them out during Christmas of course.
    The best part of my job: Working with amazing people.

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My background in Interior Design, 10 years of experience, and my never-ending positivity allow me to always see the good in people and encourage different perspectives while working together. With technology graying the line between work and life, work can become a huge part of our life building friendships. I see work as an opportunity to invest in those around me and produce long lasting products. As a creative skilled in design management and leadership, I am very passionate about designs providing beautiful smart spaces. I see each project as a means to create better environments for people to thrive and enjoy happier, healthy lives. It is one thing to design a pretty space, but another to think through the many needs a person has when using a space and provide the best workplace environment for them. I am restless for perfection.

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    Favorite Food: Poke Bowls
    Drink of choice: Water
    Sport you like to watch: Football
    Favorite Musician: Pink Floyd
    Movie genre choice: Drama
    Favorite Sunday activity: hiking
    I collect: photos and momentos for my scrapbooks
    The best part about my job is: The dedicated and talented people I work with.
    I am inspired by: My pastors
    Favorite place to unwind: The Beach

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Over 20 years of experience spanning multiple industries to support Architects, Engineers, and Builders. I specialize in supporting technical and process needs at all levels of the organization from Executive Management to individual contributors. I have strong organizational abilities combined with excellent interpersonal communication that allows me to work effectively with people at all levels. Construction is the built environment around us and it is constantly changing, which makes this industry so much fun to be a part of! I truly love being around construction projects and enjoy the ability to use my prioritization skills in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment while providing a positive impact to my community

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    Sport you like to watch: Surfing, football and X games
    Favorite Musician: Jack Johnson
    Movie genre choice: Crime Action Adventure
    Fun fact (something random): Our family has over 100 farm animals that are named
    Favorite Sunday afternoon activity: Meals with the family
    I collect: Snow Globes
    The best part about my job is: The People
    I am inspired by: Humble People
    Favorite place to unwind: Beach and country roads

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With excess of 30 years’ experience in the Laboratory design and construction markets, my favorite part is to deliver results to complex problems. I enjoy finding products/solutions that surpass the client’s requirements.
My roles have supplied coverage to the various levels of various organizations.  I have thrived at each level by growing each organization with client satisfaction as the key ingredient.  It brings me a lot of satisfaction when we all work toward a common goal.
My favorite part of any project or process is when I get to see happy clients.

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