Intersect Management

As a trusted advisor, Intersect is about relationships and focuses on optimizing Team

communication and quality representation. We take great pride in repeat business, so with

many of our clients, you’ll find that we’ve successfully completed multiple projects for them.


Intersect clients are those that don’t necessarily have the internal resources and experience

in-house to manage their real estate needs, and in turn, need to leverage a professional firm

that specializes in real estate solutions. Some clients simply need to supplement in-house

resources with a skilled and trusted partner.


While Intersect offers services to a number of industries, including corporate office,

hospitality, and higher education, we maintain a specialized skillset toward highly technical

environments like life sciences and mission critical sites. This, and our particular attention

to detail, are what set us apart from the competition.

Meet The Team

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    Favorite food: Steak and potatoes
    Favorite drink: Rye whiskey
    Favorite team: Dallas Cowboys/LA Lakers/USC Trojans
    Specialty subject: Alternative music

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With nearly 24+ years of pure project management experience, my favorite part of the management process is to identify risks early on in a project and properly mitigate those risks before they impact the project. I love to communicate through e-mail, for the purpose of written direction and record, but prefer quick and effective phone calls for expediency and personal contact. While I don’t consider myself to “specialize” in any one area of project management, I would say that I am probably most effective and comfortable managing work in highly technical, complex environments.

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    Favorite Food: Tacos
    Favorite Drink: Guinness
    Favorite Sports Teams: Boston- Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics
    Favorite Place for getting deals done: Irish Pubs

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I gladly bring over 20+ years of project management experience in commercial real estate, finance, development, and renovations. I strive for exceptional interpersonal skills, integrity, and ability to summarize complex concepts and financial analyses to stakeholders as the cornerstone to my success with clients and project performance. My areas of expertise include zoning and land use entitlements, hospitality development and renovation, and commercial real estate capital restructuring.

I’m a former Navy pilot whose initiative and innovative approach to problems brings the critical thinking, leadership and operational controls necessary for project management success. I believe in face to face meetings for communication to develop lasting relationships with clients and contractors and take great pride in my ability to drive performance and achieve project milestones on time and on budget.

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    Favorite Food: Mexican Food, Italian Food
    Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned
    Favorite Sports Teams: Padres, LA-Rams
    Born & Raised in San Diego
    Serves on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity

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I’ve served as a general contractor for some of the nation’s largest contractors, with 10+ years of project management experience in commercial and residential development.

My areas of expertise include land use entitlements, commercial and multifamily development, fiscal and schedule management, project strategy and analysis, contract negotiation, and consultant & contractor RFP process selection. I’ve found success in my projects through interpersonal communicative skills.

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Why Work With Us?

We work in a small and intimate environment—but we are nationwide, so we have the opportunity to work in a variety of contexts.

Great Location

Intersect Management is located in Oberlin Dr., San Diego, CA. Near-perfect weather year-round, and a variety of magnificent settings countywide.

Team Events

Strong teams are built on strong bonds. Join us for weekly team lunches, regular drinks evenings and an annual trip which is the stuff of legend.


We’re serious about sharing in Intersect Management’s successes. When the company does well, so will you.

Competitive Salary

Intersect Management prides itself on rewarding great work with great compensation.


We know that this industry never stands still so will support you in any training you want to do.

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Intersect Management believes in collaboration and is a place where your opinion can make a difference.