In the realm of scientific progress, there exists an intricate balance between discovery and ethical responsibility.

We are entrusted not only with constructing spaces conducive to innovation but also with upholding the highest standards of care, compassion, and ethical conduct. Our role as Project Managers in this domain is not merely about brick and mortar, but a harmonious fusion of science, ethics, and meticulous management.

At the heart of this role lies the philosophy of holistic stewardship. As Project Managers with expertise in animal facilities development, our aim is to seamlessly integrate our hands-on vivarium operational experience with the precision of project management expertise. It’s a journey that requires a profound understanding of the vivarium’s purpose – to facilitate groundbreaking research while ensuring the well-being of the animals involved.

Our experience is disseminated across all phases of a project, and to all participants. It is imperative to establish the correct procedures to ensure the ethical and humane treatment of all animals under our client’s care. This philosophy shapes every facet of the project from the design of the facility, comfort and enrichment, and EH&S protocols.

In conclusion, the role of a Project Manager in animal facilities development elevates the conventional responsibilities of project management. It’s a convergence of expertise, ethics, and empathy. Every decision we make reverberates through the corridors of science and the minds of those dedicated to advancing it. By embracing our ethical responsibility, and nurturing a philosophy of compassion, we contribute not only to the growth of research but to the enrichment of lives – human and animal alike.


-By Aaron Markel

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